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  • About Royal Readers:

    Jake and Gabby had been friends for years, but it took a pandemic and a moment of inspiration to come up with the idea for the bookstore.

    Being at home every day found us with more time to read and got us thinking. With all this extra time, I would bet that people are looking for things to do, and that includes reading. From there the idea took off! We wanted to be not only a bookstore, but a service to the community. What better way to help keep people connected than by helping them donate their unwanted books and provide a cost-effective way to get new material in the house. There are so many books that live out the majority of their lives collecting dust on a shelf, but no more! We are here to help harvest your shelf sitters and turn it into someone else’s next favorite book!

    Our goal is to make reading more fun and affordable for all- If you’re interested in helping your books find a good home, reach out to us to set up a book pickup and help us pair your oldies with their new best friend. Thank you all for your support!


    Quick Highlights!

    What services do you provide? How long have you been in business?

    We are a comfort of your own home, online second chance bookstore! We take all those amazing books you loved reading but got stuck on your shelf and put them into the hands of readers that will love them like you did! We just recently launched the bookstore in February, and we are so excited to share our love of books with the rest of the community. From books that educate on topics like history and business, to romance novels that are your guilty pleasure, we have something for all readers!


    Who do you want to work with / Who is your target audience?

    The great part about our business is we have a little something for everyone! Our ideal audience are book lovers like yourself who appreciate both a good read and the value of a dollar. We want to put as many books in happy homes as possible.


    What separates your business from the competition?

    Well sure you’ve all seen thrift bookstores before. Tiny quaint little shops showcasing all the favorites of today and yesteryear, but never before have you been able to shop the selection of many shops from the comfort of your own home, or even on your commute to work!


    How can other members refer you to your ideal clients/customers?

    If you know any bookworms in your life, tell them about the store! Our favorite sound is the squeal of joy from readers when they see our site. Don’t keep us a secret, tell everyone!


    How long have you been a member of the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    The bookstore just joined this year, but Jacob has been a member since 2020


    Are you a certified LGBT Business Enterprise or are you planning on becoming certified?

    We are not currently eligible based on our structure, but fully endorse businesses to get their certification if possible! (a great perk of membership with the chamber!)


    What do you wish to accomplish (or have you already accomplished) with your membership with the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    We would love to spread our reach and expand our inventory to include resources for the LGBTQ community at large. Having a source for education and entertainment within the community is invaluable and we would love to have made a difference in someone’s life with the help of a good book


    We like to offer our members any specials or deals that come from other members!  Do you have any products or services you’d like to exclusively offer or discount for NJ LGBT Chamber Members?

    Yes! Currently readers can enjoy a 20% discount on orders of $20 or more with the chamber by using the code LGBTCHAMBER at checkout!


    Where can we find you online or on Social Media?

    Website: www.royalreadersbookstore.com

    Instagram: @royalreadersbookstore

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/royalreadersbookstore

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