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  • About Russ:

    Russ Terry’s mission is to make the world a better place – working with individuals, teams, and companies to do it.  He helps people accomplish their goals, reach their full potential, and live a more robust and healthy life – personally, and professionally.  He focuses primarily on Executive Coaching and Career Coaching, described below.

    Executive Coaching can help with:

    People – How to interact with colleagues differently/better.

    Process – How you and others can improve workplace processes.

    Potential – How you can enhance your performance and reach your full potential.

    Perspective – How to see things differently than you may have before.

    Goals – Setting and accomplishing goals and having an accountability partner.

    Leadership – Helping your team perform better and making sure your team is happy.

    Coaching – Learning how to coach your team members just like Russ coaches you.

    Career Coaching sessions include: LinkedIn Review; Target company discussion; Confidence assessment; Mock interview(s); Informational interview guidance; Connecting you to people in Russ’s network of 7,000 people; Action items for you to accomplish between sessions.

    Russ helps his clients find the answers within through a series of thought-provoking questions.  Ideal candidates for coaching are action-oriented and ready to make changes in their lives.


    Quick Highlights!

    What services do you provide? How long have you been in business?

    I provide Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Motivational Speaking, and HR Consulting.  I’m in my 9th year!

    Who do you want to work with / Who is your target audience?

    Ideal clients are folks who want to go from “good to great” or “great to excellent” personally and/or professionally.  This can include someone who wants to change careers, be more confident, improve their time management, or be better at putting themselves first.

    What separates your business from the competition?

    • 21 of my Coaching clients got new jobs last year!
    • Top-ranked Coach on Google and Yelp in Jersey City, without paying for that placement.
    • Dozens of 5-star reviews.
    • An “it” factor that you’ll experience in our free intro session.  Get ready to have some big “ah-ha” moments!

    How can other members refer you to your ideal clients/customers?

    Members can email me at russ@russterrylifecoach.com or they can text/call me at 646-460-0475.

    How long have you been a member of the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    I just joined this year and am loving it!

    Are you a certified LGBT Business Enterprise or are you planning on becoming certified?

    Yes, I am officially LGBT-BE Certified!!

    What do you wish to accomplish (or have you already accomplished) with your membership with the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    I hope to get more clients and speaking gigs, and meet more amazing people!  The Thursday Night Zooms have been incredible – the highlight of this lockdown for me!

    We like to offer our members any specials or deals that come from other members!  Do you have any products or services you’d like to exclusively offer or discount for NJ LGBT Chamber Members?

    The first one-hour session is totally free!  No strings attached either.

    Where can we find you online or on Social Media?








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