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  • About Amita


    When Amita Mehta left her corporate job two years ago to launch Amita Mehta Possible, LLC (AMP), she says her heart was full because she knew she would be inspiring people to bet on themselves.  Then, when she saw the impact of COVID-19 on the job market, she knew she was positioned to make a difference.  She could leverage everything she learned during her career to help people navigate this new and unpredictable landscape. 

    Many of Amita’s clients are facing the most pivotal, vulnerable moments of their lives during their work with Amita, which she says is both humbling and gratifying.  Her clients include leaders who want to create a roadmap for honing a strong, inclusive team dynamic to achieve business objectives, and individuals looking to land their next great job or identify their true passion.

    Amita serves in three primary roles for her clients:

    First, as a business strategist, she supports corporate clients in establishing and executing scalable initiatives.  In this role, she has worked with Prudential to prioritize inclusion and equity objectives, with ETrade to host a workshop on the buying power of Gen Z, and with the LGBT Coalition of Lancaster and Church World Services to host a session focused on the LGBT refugee experience.

    Second, as a career architect, Amita serves as a personal chief of staff for her clients, working with them to navigate the often-unwieldy marketplace with critical thinking and careful strategizing.  Drawing upon her own corporate experience, she helps her clients establish and activate individualized career plans.  These clients have worked with brands including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Chanel and in areas including sales, marketing, operations, retail, fashion, and non-profit.

    Third, as a motivational speaker, Amita has delivered customized keynote speeches, workshops and seminars to a range of organizations and conference hosts including Dow Jones, Lowes, OPEX National Conference, and the Multicultural Conference for Women.


    Quick Highlights!

    What services do you provide? How long have you been in business?

    AMP was incorporated in 2017, but fully launched two years ago when I decided to take my own advice to bet on myself.  AMP provides: (1) business consulting services, particularly for organizations interested in developing scalable and sustainable objectives with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion; (2) career transition services for individuals looking to take their careers into their own hands; and (3) motivational speaker services, in connection with which I have spoken at conferences, corporate events, and schools about authentic leadership and how our misfit qualities can be our biggest assets as leaders.

    Who do you want to work with / Who is your target audience?

    1) Businesses.  My role as a business strategist is to work with leaders to develop and prioritize inclusive policies, practices, and partnerships.  I encourage leaders to build inclusive cultures in which employees can bring their whole selves to work, and to which customers want to bring their business.  I also work with businesses who want to preserve their brand by engaging AMP to provide professional services for employees impacted by reduction in force.

    2) Individuals.  If you are looking to stay on top of your career, it’s important to be ready!  From dusting off your resume, creating a career narrative, to receiving executive level coaching, I can guide you toward establishing a formal game plan today!

    3) Conference hosts/ Business Resource Group (BRG).  Looking for an engaging and relatable speaker who has overcome incredible odds tapping into my experience as a refugee, Indian, lesbian with more than two decades in financial services?  I share my story and insights in keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars to inspire authentic leadership.

    What separates your business from the competition?

    There is so much room for all of us who work in this space as there is such a need! I am glad I found my passion in a career of service. Here is my unique value proposition as a certified LGBTQ+ and minority owned business for:

    1) Businesses.  I have a proven ability to establish a customized approach and a knack for empowering leaders at all levels to create a culture of trust. When you have productive and engaged employees, it’s good for business and for the community. The payoff to the bottom line is invaluable. I can help you get organized and create a plan to be an employer of choice, especially during these challenging times.

    2) Individual.  As a career architect, my business acumen and emotional intelligence as developed from working in commercial and investment banking, HR and executive recruitment, and marketing and communications positions me as an expert in helping people establish successful career plans.

    3) Conferences/BRG events.  If you are looking to be a change maker on the national/global stage or want to re-ignite your team dynamics, I am the speaker and facilitator you need. My themes are based on authentic leadership, building resilience when facing adversity, and leaning into your misfit qualities as a strength.

    I also volunteer my time to things I care about such as serving on the national board of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network (GLSEN), a non-profit with a mission to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in schools. I also serve on the board of the Stonewall Community Foundation, a community non-profit serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally donors, volunteers, and grant and scholarship seekers.


    How can other members refer you to your ideal clients/customers?

    As business owners and/or decision makers, members can retain me to consult on your business objectives or refer me to your peers. For career transition services, members can also retain me directly (via my website or LinkedIn) or act as a referral source to people in your networks who are looking for a career refresh or who have been impacted by reduction in force.


    How long have you been a member of the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?


    I’ve been a member since 2020.


    Are you a certified LGBT Business Enterprise or are you planning on becoming certified?


    Yes, certified in 2020.


    What do you wish to accomplish (or have you already accomplished) with your membership with the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    I am hoping to continue to broaden my network and also be of service to other members!  It’s great to be a part of a group that is so supportive of each other’s success!

    We like to offer our members any specials or deals that come from other members!  Do you have any products or services you’d like to exclusively offer or discount for NJ LGBT Chamber Members?

    Let’s AMP it up!  I will offer an initial 30-minute consult.  Having the right chemistry is the first step!  Let’s see if my services are the right fit for you!

    Where can we find you online or on Social Media?

    Website: www.Amitamehta.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/Amita-mehta-30311b2

    Instagram: Amitamehta11

    Twitter: @AmitaMehta18

    Facebook: http://facebook.com@Amitamehta11


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