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  • About Anthony:

    Anthony is the owner and founder of AllThingzAP, which provides services relating to Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion.  With 15 years of HR leadership experience, Anthony is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.  His primary mission through AllThingzAP is to empower his clients to be their authentic selves.

    Anthony is a Human Resources Business Partner with Industrial U.I. Services.  He also serves on boards and committees, including as Diversity & Inclusion Director for the Garden State Council – Society for Human Resource Management (GSC-SHRM), and as Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion for the North Jersey – Rockland Chapter SHRM.  In addition, he is on the Board of Advisors of the American Conference of Diversity, and serves as a Bergen County Human Relations Commissioner.

    Anthony has also written a number of published articles for SHRM, WorkHuman, Workology, Rezoomo, Achievers, and other publications, and has been quoted in HR Magazine, Namely, Bonusly, and in “Making Work Human,” the latest work from WorkHuman’s Eric Mosley & Derek Irvine, pioneers of the human workplace movement.  He has given a number of presentations and lectures about D&I, inclusion, being your authentic self, the importance of storytelling, unconscious bias, employee relations and facilitated workshops surrounding D&I, including the privilege walk.

    Anthony obtained a BA from Binghamton University, an MS in Human Relations & Business, and is HR Certified.  He is proud to have influenced the industry regarding unbiased and inclusive work environments in his capacity as a speaker, influencer, blogger and educator. 


    Quick Highlights!

    What services do you provide? How long have you been in business?

    I provide Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion services.  I’ve been in the HR industry for 15 years and have owned my own business for 1 year.

    Who do you want to work with / Who is your target audience?

    My target audience includes employers who are looking for D&I training.

    What separates your business from the competition?

    My training is targeted to the business that I am representing.  I share my personal story and embrace authenticity.

    How can other members refer you to your ideal clients/customers?

    Members can refer clients to me by email: aparadiso@live.com.


    How long have you been a member of the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    About 6 months.

    Are you a certified LGBT Business Enterprise or are you planning on becoming certified?


    What do you wish to accomplish (or have you already accomplished) with your membership with the NJ LGBT Chamber of Commerce?

    I would like to expand my business, network, and help others.

    We like to offer our members any specials or deals that come from other members!  Do you have any products or services you’d like to exclusively offer or discount for NJ LGBT Chamber Members?

    I’m able to offer a discount for any D&I services that I would provide.

    Where can we find you online or on Social Media?


    Twitter: @AllThingzAP

    Instagram: @AllThingzAP

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