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  • Every month our board picks a member in a random drawing to be featured on our website!

    Each featured member will have the opportunity to respond to a few questions about their business or the company they work for (if they are not business owners). Those in the spotlight will be featured in our “Member Spotlight” ad for one full month.

    If you are interested in membership to have an opportunity to network with our growing community of LGBT business professionals and allies, please make sure to head over to our Application page and sign up immediately!

    This month’s MEMBER SPOTLIGHT is  Donato Gradone & Ivan C. Balan of Strive4Success, LLC



    Your Name:  Donato Gradone & Iván C. Balán, Ph.D.

    Your Business or Company’s Name:  Strive for Success

    What is your business website?: www.strive4successllc.com

    Link to your Membership Directory Listing: Here

    What services do you provide? Leadership and Professional Development Coaching, as well as Personal Coaching.

    How long have you been in business? Since 2016

    Who do you want to work with/ Who is your target audience?  Business Professionals and individuals who are looking to make meaningful change in their professional or personal lives.

    What makes your business stand apart from the competition?  Our diverse background which builds upon the founders, experiences in Human Resources, Psychology, research, organizational consulting and diversity.  Jointly we have experience working with diverse individuals in the business, insurance, academic, and healthcare fields, in both and large and small organizations. We are also an LGBT Certified Business Enterprise.

    How can other members refer you to your ideal clients/customers?  Others members can contact us directly to discuss the potential client or connect us through an introductory email.

    How long have you been a member of the NJLGBT Chamber of Commerce? I'm new here;  just joined in 2017.

    What do you wish to accomplish with your membership with the NJLGBTChamber of Commerce? Our goal is to work with other LGBT owned businesses to help each other grow within and outside of our community.

    What resource do you prefer taking advantage of and why? Our Monthly After Work BusinessMixers, Networking Breakfast meetings, Webinars to enhance your marketing?  To date, we’ve attended AfterWork Business Mixers, Network Breakfast meetings, and Meet-Up networking.  They are all a good venue to get to know other business owners and schedule follow-up meetings to discuss the potential to refer clients or work together toward a common goal.

    HOT DEALS!!  We like to offer our members any specials or deals that come from other members! Do you have any products or services you’d like to exclusively offer for NJ LGBT Chamber Members?    At this point, we don't


    Thank you Donato! We're happy to showcase your organization this month!



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